Producer register

Registered producers and their brand names, registration number and other registration information will be published in the public register. A search generates all of the results in which the search term appears. Where an incomplete description is entered, all of the results will be displayed that contain the search description. Capitalisation of letters is irrelevant.

You will receive a summary of all of the results and can view details by clicking on the colour-coded triangle to the left of the company name. The detailed view comprises a list of brand names and producer information. Opened, a detailed view will show coloured underlining. By clicking on the term "brand name" or "producer" you can switch between the two detailed views.

The summary view and detailed view can be sorted by clicking on the header row, which contains small arrows to show ascending or descending values. The registration start date of the producer is the date on which the producer registered with the Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister (Central Agency Packaging Register) for the first time. The end date is the date the market is exited. The date information of the brand names may be different from the registration start date of the producer if a brand name was registered or terminated at a later date.

Producer register query