Auditor register - Division 1

Registered experts pursuant to section 27 (1) VerpackG (Packaging Act) will be published in the public register of registered auditors - division 1. The experts in this division are authorized to check the systems' volume flow records, sector-specific solutions and declarations of completeness.

A search generates all of the results in which the search term appears. Where an incomplete description is entered, all the results will be displayed that contain the search term. Capitalisation of letters is irrelevant.

You will receive a summary of all of the results and can view the auditor's details by clicking on the colour-coded triangle to the left. The summary view and detailed view can be sorted by clicking on the header row, which contains small arrows to show ascending or descending values. The registration start date of the auditor is the date on which the auditor registered with the Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister (Central Agency Packaging Register) for the first time. If an auditor stops appearing in the public register, they are no longer registered.

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